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MB Real Estate

“At MB Real Estate, based in Chicago, our mission is to maximise the value of our clients’ real estate by creating timely and innovative solutions that meet their unique needs and objectives. One of the solutions that we’ve been able to provide is an alert service for our clients to keep lines of communication open. We recently used the Send Word Now Alerts service to communicate with our tenants at the Citigroup Center during a fire near that location. The fire was actually a block away, but people could see and hear the fire engines approaching. To allay fears, we immediately used Send Word Now Alerts to send out a consistent message to over 1,500 tenants and inform them not to worry; the fire was not in our building. By sending this alert, we stopped the huge influx of calls coming into our management office with questions. Send Word Now Alerts enabled us to send this message out instantly and avoid panic. In a non-emergency situation, it is the quickest way we’ve ever been able to communicate with our tenants.”

– Pamela Dudash, CCIM, CPM | Senior Vice President/General Manager