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Send Word Now Announces SWN Direct, A Revolutionary New Mobile App for Employee and Customer Communications

Send Word Now Announces SWN Direct, A Revolutionary New Mobile App for Employee and Customer Communications

NEW YORK, N.Y., June 19, 2014 – Send Word Now®, the leading worldwide provider of emergency notification and critical communications services, announced today its release of SWN Direct, the company’s latest innovation for urgent corporate communications and collaboration. SWN Direct is a groundbreaking recipient mobile app that enables rapid, secure and encrypted interactions between an organisation and its employees, customers and stakeholders.

“Our customers have told us they want an innovative mobile platform for communicating across the enterprise, and we listened,” said Tony Schmitz, Send Word Now President and CEO. “Building on our deep understanding of technology, SWN Direct delivers a revolutionary set of recipient mobile-oriented tools for voice, text and file delivery for a much lower total operating cost than previously available.”

SWN Direct utilises IP networking end to end for the secure delivery of voice, text and files seamlessly to recipient mobile phones anywhere in the world.

“Unlike other applications in the market, we decided to take a dramatically different approach,” said Alex Tsepetis, Send Word Now CTO. “One of the challenges with global emergency communications is you are heavily reliant upon applications such as SMS, email or even traditional phone calls, where delivery is never assured, and you’re uncertain if the audience you are trying to communicate with is even online or available. With SWN Direct, our customers know in advance what percentage of their recipient target audience is reachable before they communicate. And since we are IP end to end, we simply need IP connectivity to deliver all types of data directly to our app.”

The SWN Direct app includes: SWN Express Messenger, SWN Express Voice, SWN LockBox and SWN One-click Connect.

SWN Express Messenger is an SMS alternative that delivers two-way, high capacity, encrypted, rich-text capable alerts directly to the app with return receipts, delivery scheduling and real-time message vanish.

SWN Express Voice offers fully integrated and richly featured voice and call conferencing services via SIP/RTP over a Wi-Fi or cellular data connection anywhere in the world.

SWN LockBox allows administrators to send encrypted files directly to the recipient’s device with version control, auto-sync and built-in audit reports. Documents are accessible even when users are offline and there is no available data connection.

SWN One-click Connect provides for a one-touch voice connection via Wi-Fi, cellular data or PSTN to Send Word Now’s Customer Support centre, voice alert mail box or Send Word Now’s IVR service platform. Send Word Now customers use this service when travelling abroad and want to avoid paying expensive phone charges when accessing the service.

“The key is, we are using IP end to end over a persistent connection, not brokered by push notification or any other intermediary systems. This provides us real-time visibility on two fronts,” said Tsepetis. “First, we can tell you before a message is sent who is on-net and will instantaneously receive the message. You do not have that capability with Push Notification. Second, since we also control the delivery path end to end, we are not dependent on third-party applications that might impact successful delivery. We know in real-time if the message was delivered successfully, and we are no longer dependent on external parties to triage non-delivery problems. ”

The app is currently available on iPhone® mobile devices. Other mobile operating systems will be added in July of this year.

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Headquartered in New York City, Send Word Now is the leading worldwide provider of critical communications solutions. The company’s easy-to-use web-based and mobile solutions are deployed by businesses, government agencies, universities and non-profit organisations to ensure fast, effective, collaboration and response when it is needed the most.

Send Word Now’s enterprise-class emergency notification system is capable of transmitting tens of thousands of voice and text messages in minutes while providing a full audit trail for after-action reporting and follow-up. Its conferencing, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and workflow solutions keep employees informed and connected to the people and information they need.