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Operational and IT Alerting

Integrate powerful notification capabilities with your current business systems, or quickly mobilise
IT teams in routine or urgent situations.

Powering Your Performance

As an IT professional, you understand how technology can be leveraged to achieve business goals. You also know communication is critical to successful IT management. But how can you enhance your existing systems so they can meet the communication expectations of today’s connected customer? And, with the multitude of cyber threats flying around, how can you make sure the right people respond rapidly and appropriately when things don’t work as planned?

Send Word Now is the answer. With Send Word Now’s award-winning alerting and collaboration solutions, you can integrate the industry’s most powerful communication platform into your current business systems. You can also use its capabilities to automatically or manually mobilise IT teams in order to address urgent issues such as system outages, cyber threats, virus attacks, etc.

Rely on the notification solution trusted by more global IT enterprises than any other. Rely on Send Word Now to power your technology performance.


What You Can Do

With Send Word Now you can:

  • Integrate notification with current operational or IT systems such as a CRM platform, or network monitoring solution
  • Rapidly create voice, text and email messages, and send alerts through virtually any communications device, including:
    • Mobile and traditional phones
    • Email
    • Short Message Service (SMS)
    • Desktop alerts
    • SWN Direct mobile app for recipients
    • RSS feeds, and more
  • Easily build custom recipient groups to fit your unique operational or IT needs
  • Convene conference calls with the touch of a button
  • Receive and analyse feedback from message recipients
  • Track all notification activities in online reports for auditing and after-action reporting