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Alerting Service

The most widely trusted communication solution for alerting people and receiving critical feedback through virtually any device

In urgent situations, you need people to take appropriate actions quickly. But how do you communicate in a rapid, consistent and secure way without a lot of manual effort? Alerting and notification services make this possible, and no solution is more widely trusted than Send Word Now.

Whether sending emergency notifications to employees in response to a crisis, mobilising targeted teams to address a potential problem, or generating customer alerts as part of an important business process, our Alerting Service will help you achieve your critical communications goals.

eBook Emergency Notification 101

Emergency Notification 101: Understanding Notification Technology

Learn more about mass notification systems and how they can benefit your organization in this free eBook "Emergency Notification 101: Understanding Notification Technology and Its Expanding Role in Business Resiliency."

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What You Can Do

With Send Word Now’s Alerting Service you can:

  • Rapidly create voice, text and email messages all in one place
  • Easily send alerts to thousands of recipients within minutes
  • Build flexible lists of recipient groups to fit your organisation’s needs
  • Send alerts through virtually any communications device, including:
    • Mobile and traditional phones
    • Email
    • Short Message Service (SMS)
    • Desktop alerts
    • SWN Direct mobile app for recipients
    • RSS feeds, and more
  • Convene conference calls with the touch of a button
  • Receive and analyse vital feedback in real-time from message recipients
  • Create time-saving predefined scenarios that align with your plan
  • Track and audit all notification activities in online reports
  • Maintain contact data through your existing human resources database
  • Integrate the power of alerts and notifications with third-party business solutions
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