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Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Turn your business continuity plan into action by quickly mobilising response teams and alerting employees

Natural disasters. Security breaches. Power outages. Data disruptions. These and other critical events can adversely affect your organisation at any given time. As a resiliency manager, you know the importance of business continuity plans. You also know response efforts will not be effective if people are uncertain about what is happening and what they should do next. But how can you be sure key personnel are informed and accounted for in a crisis?

Send Word Now’s award-winning services are proven to help organisations recover faster, minimise loss, and maintain public confidence during business contingencies of every scope and scale.

Within seconds and from any location, you can send voice, text, email, desktop and other alerts to thousands of people in the office or around the globe. Just as important, you can get word back to determine crucial next steps, or assess if people are safe and OK.

And, you can do so with the easiest, most reliable and most secure emergency notification service on the market.

Get the power, performance and peace of mind you need when executing your business continuity plan. Trust Send Word Now for all your critical and routine communication needs.

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