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On-Demand Conference Calling

Save time and avoid the hassle of bringing people together with on-demand conferencing

Your organisation likely uses conference calling on a daily basis for group communications. Oftentimes impromptu. While highly beneficial, it can be a cumbersome process: reserving the conference line, distributing the dial-in number and access codes, and inviting participants. Try doing this under pressure, and the experience is even more frustrating.

With Send Word Now’s award-winning Alerting Service, you can eliminate the tedious and time-consuming logistics of conferencing. Send an alert to call participants when you’re ready to meet, and recipients can immediately join in with a touch of a button. Utilise our mobile apps for flexible collaboration on the go.

And, you can do so with the easiest, most reliable and most secure notification service on the market.

Get the capabilities, communication and collaboration you need through on-demand conference calling. Trust Send Word Now for all your critical and routine communication needs.

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