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Corporate Communications

Rapidly exchange critical information with employees, whether they are down the hall or across the globe

In today’s business world, organisations are increasingly dependent on a global and mobile workforce. And while employees may have numerous communications tools at their disposal, interacting with multiple devices and engaging workers can sometimes prove challenging. So when time-sensitive issues arise, how do you notify and coordinate geographically dispersed personnel in minutes?

Don’t just communicate. Collaborate with Send Word Now’s award-winning communication services.

Our robust feature set allows you to set up a conference call on the fly with employees around the world, advise staff of a meeting change, check in with project managers on key milestones, securely share documents and more—all from a single user interface.

And, you can do so with the easiest, most reliable and most secure notification platform on the market.
Get the capabilities and confidence you need when executing all your corporate communications. Trust Send Word Now for all your critical and routine communication needs.

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