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Rapidly notify personnel to support military operations, personnel accountability and National security

Arming Your Operation with Superior Communication

As a defence organisation leader, you face many complex challenges while executing your missions. Logistics. Communications. Oversight. Add in the need to account for active and civilian personnel and maintain operations during a crisis, and your job becomes increasingly complicated. Your ability to quickly make contact and share important information is crucial to the outcome.

So how can commanders, personnel, civilians and other key stakeholders communicate faster and more effectively to better support operations, safety and National security?

With Send Word Now, you can quickly and easily notify message recipients through virtually any device. Plus get the feedback you need to mobilise personnel, protect vital assets and defend the nation. Further, our highly secure, solution that is hosted solely within the UK gives you piece of mind knowing your system is completely safe and reliable. Add to this the fact that it’s available for easy procurement in the UK and the notification choice for Ministry of Defence operations is clear.

When You Need Us

You can use Send Word Now for:

  • Emergency Notification
  • Personnel Accountability
  • Force Mobilisations & Staff Recalls
  • Base/Family Notifications
  • Safety Hazards
  • Command & Control
  • IT Issues & Cybersecurity Threats
  • Conference Calls & Urgent Meetings
  • Multi-departmental & Routine Communications

What You Can Do

With Send Word Now you can:

  • Rapidly create and send voice, text and email messages
  • Receive and analyse feedback from message recipients
  • Easily build custom message recipient groups
  • Create time-saving predefined alerting scenarios
  • Launch notifications from anywhere using a mobile app
  • Convene conference calls with the touch of a button and no PIN codes
  • Track all notification activities through online reports
  • Seamlessly integrate with other business systems and databases
  • Easily tailor the solution with optional features such as Desktop Alerting, IVR Designer, Incident Management Service (IMS), SWN Direct and more

How You’ll Benefit

  • Enhanced operational readiness
  • Faster response and recovery
  • Compliance with personnel accountability requirements
  • Better situational awareness
  • Greater administrative efficiency
  • Improved routine communications
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