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Desktop Alerting

Send attention-getting, on-screen notifications to ensure busy or isolated employees receive important information

You need to send urgent information to employees and guests rapidly. But how do you ensure the message gets through to those who may be deeply engaged in their work or without access to phones, mobile devices or email?

Send Word Now’s Desktop Alerting service is the solution. Workers in call centres or in online meetings may not receive alerts sent through traditional channels. But, with our Desktop Alerting capability, you can send text “pop-up” alerts that interrupt on-screen work, appearing in front of any open applications. Alert recipients must acknowledge or close out of the alert before resuming their task, so you can be certain the message is seen.

Desktop Alerting is a fully integrated option to Send Word Now's Alerting Service that can be used as a standalone notification method or in conjunction with other devices.

What You Can Do

With Send Word Now’s Desktop Alerting solution you can:

  • Send customised text alerts to recipient desktops
  • Target alerts to specific groups, geographic areas or physical locations
  • Pose questions and receive Get Word Back responses from the alert window
  • Tailor the look and feel of the alert window including its size, font, colour, button colour and more
  • Send “silent” notifications in volatile situations such as an active shooter
  • Desktop Alerting

    Send Word Now's fully integrated Desktop Alerting lets you create onscreen pop-up alerts that must be dismissed before continuing work. It's perfect for email virus alerts, security threats, or anytime immediate disruption of work is needed.