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Incident Management Service (IMS)

Easily and effectively manage critical events through a simple online tool that's fully integrated with Send Word Now’s Alerting Service

Critical events are complex by nature. They often contain multiple incidents, a variety of required tasks and numerous notifications. So how does an emergency manager oversee response efforts while communicating effectively with personnel and stakeholders? Send Word Now’s Incident Management Service (IMS) provides a streamlined, integrated platform suitable for organisations of all types.

Our IMS lets you easily manage and share events, incidents and tasks. Plus, you can collaborate with other managers, giving them customised permissions so they can actively benefit from situational intelligence.

What You Can Do

With Send Word Now's Incident Management Service (IMS) you can:

  • Easily manage events from a central online console
  • Create and manage multiple events, incidents, tasks and documents
  • Easily assign tasks to multiple people or groups at once, notifying them of their duty
  • Collaborate with other managers during the event
  • Communicate with response personnel in real-time through virtually any device
  • Predefine locations and manage events accordingly
  • Customise task priority levels and assign custom tags for grouping and analysis