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IVR Designer

Quickly and simply create Interactive Voice Response (IVR) applications to customise and enhance your callers’ inbound experience

Inbound message boards enable people to call a phone number and hear general recorded messages or retrieve individual alerts. But what if you want to tailor what callers hear when they connect? How can you create menus and direct the call flow to meet your needs without expensive and time consuming custom programming?

Our IVR Designer places control of the inbound caller menu in your hands. The easy drag-and-drop online tool allows you to fully customise call flow interactions and user experiences. Such flexibility ensures callers get the precise information they need without frustration and wasted time. Plus, it’s fully integrated with Send Word Now’s Alerting Service.

What You Can Do

With Send Word Now’s Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Designer you can:

  • Easily create custom menus, menu labels and text-to-speech greetings
  • Control the playback of caller-specific messages
  • Create text-to-speech surveys and capture caller’s touch-tone responses
  • Build decision trees and create links to other IVR menus(s)