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SWN Direct

Securely send text alerts, voice notifications and digital files to mobile devices without the expense and limitations of traditional methods

You want urgent information to reach intended recipients in a fast, secure and economical way. But Short Message Service (SMS) deliverability can be uncertain in many parts of the world. International fees can add up for both SMS and voice calls. And, email systems can fail. How can you overcome the expenses and obstacles associated with traditional alerting methods?

SWN Direct delivers results. SWN Direct is a groundbreaking, fully integrated mobile app for alert recipients. The app utilises Internet Protocol (IP) end-to-end, which allows users to bypass telephony carriers, SMS gateways, etc. and communicate directly over any data network. This eliminates many of the common problems associated with traditional alerting channels, and opens new capabilities like Audience Visibility—the ability to know who is “on-net” and able to receive a message before an alert is sent.

While traditional alerting modalities are still important, SWN Direct adds an unprecedented new, secure and resilient way to engage recipients on the go.

What You Can Do

With the key capabilities included in SWN Direct you can:

SWN Express Messenger

  • Send text alerts to mobile devices with up to 2,000 characters
  • Control text fonts, colours, etc. with Rich Text/HTML
  • Add images or video to text alerts
  • Enhance security with encrypted text alerts
  • Improve privacy and control by setting messages to “vanish” once they are read
  • Eliminate SMS fees

SWN Express Voice

  • Deliver voice alerts directly to the mobile device over data networks, bypassing telephony carriers
  • Join a conference call directly from the app by utilising integrated audio conferencing capabilities
  • Eliminate fees for voice calls

SWN LockBox

  • Push essential documents to recipients’ devices
  • Protect sensitive documents with data encryption and app passwords
  • Ensure recipients have the correct document with full version control
  • Easily wipe devices of stored documents when employees leave or devices are lost

SWN One-Click Connect

  • Instantly connect with Send Word Now’s customer support
  • Configure a one-touch connection to your inbound message boards or Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system

SWN Locate

  • Easily select alert recipients by their real-time geographic location
  • Geo-fencing capability provides for location selection without compromising privacy
  • Itinerary travel tracking ready