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Team Mobilisation

Easily notify and assemble key people using your own criteria to accelerate response and improve efficiency

Certain situations prompt the need for you to not only alert, but to also mobilise, management, response teams, volunteers and others at a moment’s notice. Depending on who is available or exactly which roles need to be filled at any given time, this can be a very difficult and frustrating task. Even for the best of coordinators.

Send Word Now’s award-winning communication services are proven to help organisations quickly notify and assemble individuals or teams in response to critical events.

Within seconds and from any location, you can send voice, text, email, desktop and other alerts to key people. Just as important, you can get word back to fill positions, account for personnel and determine crucial next steps. You can also keep them apprised of volatile situations through outbound status updates and inbound message boards so response efforts stay on track.

And, you can do so with the easiest, most reliable and most secure emergency notification service on the market.

Get the power, precision and peace of mind you need, and deserve, when executing communications for emergency response and team mobilisation. Trust Send Word Now for all your critical and routine communication needs.

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