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Web Services

Integrate your third-party solutions with Send Word Now for more robust communication and simpler data management

What’s the point of having so many third-party applications if they don’t work together? Most of your contact data is in a database your organisation already has, so how do you send critical alerts to those contacts? Our Web Services API seamlessly integrates your existing solutions with Send Word Now’s award-winning Alerting Service. Now you can maintain your contact data in the system you already use and trigger alerts from existing applications.

Send Word Now’s Web Services API is based on XML and SOAP standards. This means you can integrate solutions you use every day, like business continuity planning, incident management, and human resources applications, with our Alerting Service without changing your current processes or workflow.

Adding, updating, and deleting contact data is made easier through our Group/Contact Management (GCM) API which simply integrates with your human resources data management system. Triggering alerts from your existing applications or tying our Alerting Service to your IT systems with our Alerting API allows you to focus on the crisis at hand.

What You Can Do

With Send Word Now’s GCM API you can:

  • Create update, and delete contacts and groups
  • Retrieve contact information, group membership lists, and summaries
  • Determine whether a contact exists in the account
  • Determine whether a contact exists in the group(s)
  • Synchronise data at configurable time intervals
  • Maintain your organisation’s existing business practices

With Send Word Now’s Alerting API you can:

  • Send emergency or routine notifications
  • Receive notification results for specific recipients or alerts (current and historical)
  • Use Get Word Back for message receipt confirmation
  • Enable on-demand conference bridging
  • Integrate with your IT systems, such as fire and safety systems, facility management systems, and IT helpdesk applications